Do you feel like Anxiety has taken over your life?

Have you spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on getting help, yet you still feel misunderstood and like no progress has been made??

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the information online?

Do you need tools and strategies to apply to your everyday life to regain control?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then you are in the RIGHT place!

So what’s MY story and how do I differ from others I hear you ask!

As I mentioned my name is Amanda and I am an Anxiety Coach, I have a background in Psychology, Criminology and Counselling and I have studied many modalities such as NLP, EFT, CBT etc… etc… and I mean really.. who cares?? All that matters here is that I can help YOU with your Anxiety. I have a specialised interest in generalised anxiety because I feel as though it often gets put on the back bench seeing as it IS so ‘generalised’. I hate that people are often not listened to because their symptoms and triggers are not always as specific as the other types of anxiety. If you suffer from generalised anxiety I want you to know that I believe you and that am here to support you and guide you through it.

My passion for anxiety grew over the years as I witnessed numerous family members and friends suffer, they felt as though they had lost control and whilst they searched for help and direction it seemed so hard to find. The more people I worked with the more my understanding and outlook changed. I started to question a lot of things such as the traditional methods used to treat it Anxiety, the approach that seemed so text book and robotic. This needed to change. People were being misunderstood and not listened to. 

I needed to introduce a different way. A way that allowed you to feel comfortable, supported and not treated like you are the same as everyone else out there. YOU have a unique experience and story! See the thing is that each person learns and understands differently, therefore the therapeutic approach needs to convey that.  

I created The Anxiety Wellness Queen because I wanted to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. I want each and everyone of you to feel like it IS ok to reach out, that there is help and that you will not be judged. I wanted The Anxiety Wellness Queen to represent ME, what I stand for and what I am all about. Passion, determination and style of course 😉


“I’m not telling you this is going to be easy, I’m telling you its going to be worth it!”


My attitude and practice is based around WELLNESS when working with you to manage your stress and anxiety. It is an overall ‘Makeover’ including food, exercise, mindfulness practices, education, tools, tips and learning how to manage and understand your THOUGHTS. That alone is one of the biggest keys to freedom when dealing with anxiety! I bring a NEW perspective, a NEW way of understanding and learning. So let me be part of YOUR Wellness transformation!

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